Time Traveller (2015)

Posted 18/07/2016 by Edward Davies in Drama
Time Traveller (2015)

Starring : Josh Hartnett, Bipashu Basu, Tamsin Egerton
Director : Roland Joffe
Running Time : 110 mins

When marine archaeologist Jay Fennel (Hartnett) loses oxygen on a dive to save his wife Laura (Egerton), he lies in a coma dreaming of a past life in 18th Century India. There he recalls the life of James Stewart (Hartnett again), a Scottish captain who falls for an Indian woman named Tulaja (Basu), and his focus falls on a ring from the archaeological site that could make the difference between his life and his death.

This was such an odd movie it’s hard to describe what exactly was good and bad about it. The accents were gratingly bad, from Hartnett’s Scottish accent to Egerton’s American one, and there was nowhere near enough back and forth between the past and the present. Instead this felt like an historical movie about a doomed love that had been bookmarked with scenes from the present day to turn into a sci-fi movie of sorts.

Verdict : 5/10

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