School For Seduction (2004)

Posted 14/04/2009 by Edward Davies in Comedy
School For Seduction (2004)

Starring : Kelly Brook, Dervla Kirwan, Neil Stuke, Tim Healy
Director : Sue Heel
Running Time : 101 mins

A group of Northern housewives and singletons all sign up for a sex education class with the glamorous Sophia Rosselini (Brook), who teaches them how to seduce their men as well as keep their marriages alive and fresh.

Although certainly attractive, Brook possibly isn’t the best choice for the lead in this silly comedy. It might just be that her character was written in a pretty two-dimensional way, but when her husband turns up she becomes a very unrealistic character. The supporting cast of ladies and gents are all wonderfully over the top, providing some much needed slapstick to this movie, and those who enjoyed the likes of The Full Monty will certainly find some humour here.

Verdict : 7/10

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