Point Break (2015)

Posted 08/08/2016 by Edward Davies in Action
Point Break (2015)

Starring : Edgar Ramirez, Luke Bracey, Ray Winstone, Teresa Palmer, Matias Varela
Director : Ericson Core
Running Time : 115 mins

Extreme sports enthusiast turned FBI agent Johnny Utah (Bracey) is tasked with infiltrating a gang of extreme sports athletes who are suspected of being criminals who are pulling off heists as they attempt to complete the fabled Ozaki 8, a series of ordeals which are designed to honour nature itself.

I was pleasantly surprised that the people remaking this cult guilty pleasure classic had made an effort to update and even attempt to improve on the plot from the original movie, but clearly the casting director didn’t realise that this movie required actors who could act. The movie, in spite of its action packed sequences, falls flat due to bland characters and almost emotionless drama. Fans of the original will cry with despair when they see this, but don’t get me wrong, the action sequences do help a little as does the additional plot of the Ozaki 8.

Verdict : 6/10

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