Paranormal Activity : The Ghost Dimension (2015)

Posted 03/10/2016 by Edward Davies in Horror

Starring : Chris J Murray, Brit Shaw, Ivy George, Dan Gill, Olivia Taylor Dudley
Director : Gregory Plotkin
Running Time : 98 mins

A family who have moved into their new home find some old camera equipment, and when they start to use it they discover it can see into the spirit realm, and that their home is riddled with spectral activity.

This fifth instalment tries to do something different from the rest of the movies by providing the cast of victims with a camera that can see the ghostly activity in the haunted house, and the characters are quite funny to begin with, but then we end up going down the same old road with the silly ghost cult people turning up and murdering everyone like they do in every other movie. You’d think by now that the police would be monitoring the place in case of killing sprees, but no. This was fun if you really like all the other films, but it is a bit on the samey side.

Verdict : 7/10

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