Kung Fu Hustle (2005)

Posted 22/02/2007 by Edward Davies in Action

Starring : Stephen Chow, Lam Tze Chung, Zhi Hua Dong, Xiaogang Feng
Director : Stephen Chow
Running Time : 95 mins

In 1940’s China a slum area known as Pig Sty Alley is the only safe haven from the notorious Axe Gang. Sing (Chow) and his pal Bone (Chung) attempt to extort money out of a barber in the slum and fail, drawing the real Axe Gang to Pig Sty. However, it turns out that there are several kung fu masters living in the slum, and they decide to come out of retirement and try to put and end to the gang wars once and for all!

This is a great film, full of over-the-top action and great special effects! There are plenty of over the top set pieces and some of the special effects just look amazing. Plus, it’s very funny! Don’t miss out, watch this masterpiece as soon as you can.

Verdict : 9/10

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