Justice League : War (2014)

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Starring : Sean Astin, Zach Callison, Christopher Gorham, Justin Kirk, Michelle Monaghan, Shemar Moore, Jason O’Mara, Alan Tudyk, Steve Blum
Director : Jay Oliva
Running Time : 80 mins

When Earth’s greatest super heroes discover that aliens have been secretly invading the planet in order to terraform it for the use of the evil Darkseid (Blum), they form an alliance and create the Justice League in order to the world as they know it from being destroyed.

Although not as good as the previous direct to video movie, ‘Justice League : The Flashpoint Paradox’, this is still a movie that ticks all the boxes in terms of character appearances. Pretty much all of the major DC characters are in this, and it looks like even those that aren’t are likely to show up in the ‘Justice League : Throne Of Atlantis’ follow-up of sorts. Fans of Batman. Superman, or any of the DC big hitters will love this movie which sees the creation of the Justice League for the very first time, though the recent ‘Batman / Superman’ movie does sort of spoil this cartoons effect by forcing viewers to compare this to a far inferior work.

Verdict : 7/10

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