Freaks Of Nature (2015)

Posted 24/10/2016 by Edward Davies in Comedy

Starring : Nicholas Braun, Mackenzie Davis, Josh Fadem, Denis Leary, Ed Westwick, Vanessa Hudgens, Keegan-Michael Key
Director : Robbie Pickering
Running Time : 92 mins

Dillford is a small American town where vampires, humans, and zombies co-exist. Dag (Braun) is a normal human teenager who finds his world turned upside down when his best friend Ned (Fadem) decides he wants to be a zombie on the same day that aliens invade. Teaming up with a newly turned vampire called Petra (Davis), Dag and Ned try to rescue the abducted town folk before the aliens try to kill them too.

I really enjoyed this comedy horror, which manages to be over the top in a logical way that, though never really explained, makes almost perfect sense for some reason. The characters are likeable and their choices, though often questionable, are explained in terms of their personalities which shows good writing. Fans of comedy horrors couldn’t go wrong with this little known gem which showcases the abilities of some of the young actors of today who don’t often get a fair shake.

Verdict : 8/10

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