Batman : Gotham Knight (2008)

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Batman Gotham Knight (2008)

Starring : Kevin Conroy, Jason Marsden, Scott Menville
Director : Shoujirou Nishimi, Futoshi Higashide, Hiroshi Morioka, Yasuhiro Aoki, Toshiyuki Kubooka & Jong-Sik Nam
Running Time : 76 mins

In these six vignettes, the Batman (Conroy) is seen in various different ways. In the first story, Have I Got A Story For You, three teenagers discuss their various experiences in seeing The Dark Knight, each of them remembering him in a different way. In the second story, Crossfire, two police officers discuss whether Batman can be trusted. In the third story, Field Test, Batman tries out a new piece of tech for deflecting bullets. In the fourth story, In Darkness Dwells, Batman searches for a lizard-monster in the sewers. In the fifth story, Working Through Pain, Batman tries to deal with a gunshot wound. And in the final story, Deadshot, Batman considers the use of firearms as he thinks back on the death of his parents.

Fans of Batman will enjoy seeing their hero in true anime style for what I believe is the first time – though due to the animation being handled by multiple studios, it does get confusing about what Bruce Wayne looks like. The average length of each story is around twelve minutes, so it can easily be watched in short spurts rather than all at once. The main failing of this movie is the inconsistency of the story line, which tries to connect each section but doesn’t quite manage it to my mind.

Verdict : 6/10

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