100 Girls (2000)

Posted 05/01/2011 by Edward Davies in Comedy
100 Girls (2000)

Starring : Jonathan Tucker, Emmanuelle Chriqui, James DeBello, Katherine Heigl, Larisa Oleynik, Jaime Pressly
Director : Michael Davis
Running Time : 95 mins

College student Matthew (Tucker) thinks he has found the girl of his dreams when he loses his virginity during a blackout when he gets stuck in a lift with a mystery woman. The problem is, he doesn’t know who she is, and he doesn’t want to come off desperate by asking around. So, with the help of some of his closer friends, he embarks on a mission to gain as much information about the women at his college by disguising himself as a female student.

This movie was okay, but it wasn’t the best teen comedy I’ve ever seen. Where in most films of this kind the nudity is treated in a funny way, this one kind of bordered on pornography, and if it wasn’t for the fact that it featured so many faces that were familiar to TV audiences it wouldn’t be difficult to mistake this for a poorly made soft-core porn film at times.

Verdict : 6/10

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